We’ve got one thing on our mind here:  to help you realize your projects.

We can help you with:

  • Session planning and scheduling
  • Music searches and licensing
  • Music composition assignments
  • ISDN patch arrangements
  • Spot trafficking
  • Talent casting and sourcing
  • Delicious lunches and good laughs…


This trio will help you get the job done on-time and under budget.  Whether it’s your first rodeo or just another day on the job, you can rest easy with these three on your side.


Jess Ford

Co-Founder, Executive Producer

Jess has wasted his entire adult life working in and around the music and entertainment biz.

Born a Minneapolitan he was educated and hardened by life on the east coast playing in bands and working countless nights in the legendary discos, live music, and comedy clubs of New York and Boston. Eventually he dragged his experience, his common sense, and his surly demeanor back to his birthplace to make new friends and influence people.

Jess can talk the talk but will always veer into irreverence to prove his point. He can walk the walk but prefers riding a bike. He values humor, honesty, humility, and coaching youth sports. Working at Rumble with incredibly talented people creating new things is his dream come true, sad as that might seem.


Dorene Manchi

Executive Producer

Dorene grew up in the Twin Cities, and despite her actual musical ability being limited to a weekly organ lesson as a kid, she loves music and surrounds herself with it at all times.  After producing radio spots for Craig Wiese in the early 90s, Dorene decided to bail on MN and head to the Big Apple.

In NYC, she worked in audio post for several years, Live Television, DVD production, then shortly after 9/11, moved to Hollywood to produce high-end DVD feature and episodic releases; The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Sopranos, Six Feet Under, and Sex and the City to name a few of her favs.

She moved her family back to the East Coast once again for a brief stint running a video production company, before deciding…. screw it, better to raise her kiddo back in good ‘ole Minnesota– “I mean, heck… look how I turned out!”



Cora - 16x9 BW_11 Crop 6

Cora Bucher

Assistant Producer

As a kindergartener, Cora won a contest called “A Wish for the World” with the brilliant wish that one day “Everyone will think for theirselves.” She’s continued to build on this early success, graduating from The College of Wooster with a B.A. in English – and a much better understanding of grammar.

Cora’s professional background consists of a wide range of internships in advertising and publishing as well as a role in corporate marketing. Her immense passion for creativity and the art of production ultimately led her to Rumble, where she couldn’t be happier to belong to such a wonderful team. Although she’s self-diagnosed as tone deaf, Cora has a deep appreciation for all types of music and sings Adele lyrics out loud anyways.

On a typical Saturday, Cora can most likely be found in the down and dirty streets of uptown, preying on some innocent cheese fries and complaining about how her apartment building doesn’t allow dogs.