We record voiceovers.  The lion’s share in this city.

Our microphone arsenal includes Neumann large diaphragm condensers, Sennheiser hyper cardioids and Sanken lavaliers – all run through Class-A pure tube or Solid State mic preamps into Avid Pro Tools HD.

With large live rooms and acoustically controlled booths, we can accommodate just about anything you can throw at us – be it for radio, television, ADR, podcasts…or?

SM Telos


We’ve got ISDN (or digipatch, depending on where you’re from).  Whether for quick hi-fi monitoring of a mix session, or an all-day ADR marathon, our Telos Zephyr Xtreme units get quite a workout in an average week.  Over the years, we’ve built many strong relationships with vendors across the country and beyond.  Need help finding a studio in Athens?  Greece or Georgia, we’re on it.



Yeah, we do that too.  From :05 stingers to longform pieces, in both stereo and 5.1 surround.  We lock our picture-based sessions to dedicated sync generators for proper frame edge alignment and sharp, accurate playbacks every time.  Yes, we obey the law of the 2-pop as well.



The nice thing about a music company and a post production facility being under one roof is the ability to bring a holistic approach to the sound design of our projects.  From the feel of the music, to the timbre of the voice (or bark), to the impact of the sound effects; we have the ability to custom-build each element to provide an integrated sound tailored for each spot.  Need a particular something recorded on-location?  We’ve got gear and passports at the ready.


Our engineers are as good as they get.  If you can dream it, they can do it.  Need a talent recommendation?  They’ve got you covered.  Got an impossible sound design project?  They’re all ears.  Check out a few of their prouder moments right here.  Oh, yeah – y se habla español!

SM Greg

Greg Geitzenauer

Chief Engineer

Geitzenauer… No, it’s not a unit of measurement in Germany, but you can count on that type of precision engineering with Greg at the helm. Greg has built up an impressive résumé over the past few decades in both the music and post production hemispheres. Working with acts like Warren G, Snoop Dogg, Will Smith and Tupac gave him grit which could be used to polish the pile of awards he’s received in the field of post production. His music knowledge, like his professionalism, is second to none.


John Lukas

Senior Engineer

Got a project that’s your “baby”?  John holds babies for a living.  To him quality, taste and professionalism are sacrosanct, but fun in the production process is also a must.  From the mean streets of Hopkins to the barrios of Madrid he’s built up a diverse portfolio in the media world.  With audio as his weapon of choice, he’s done everything from art installations to albums, and tucked in a few thousand radio and television spots along the way.  Globetrotting, photography, film and unearthing “gotta have it” music keep him busy when he’s not slaving over a hot mixer.  Outside-the-box thinking, superhero speed and Spanish language skills mean that your “baby” is in good hands with this guy.