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We provide award-winning recording and music services as well as industry expertise acquired from decades in the field.  Our team is comprised of highly experienced composers, musicians, and producers who have been responsible for countless creative music projects in the field of advertising.

SM Drums


Rumble’s team of composers is second to none. With countless awards under our belt, we’ve written for everything from epic cinematic hellscapes to animated body parts. Our unique approach to projects will ensure that you get music that’s creative, on point and unexpected. Ask us anything. Usually the answer is, “yes”.


Looking for needledrop?  Rumble Cuts is the product of our award winning music production company and co-conspirators in the production music world. We’ve produced custom music libraries and scores for all types of media and media outlets. Our library of available tracks is deep, fully cleared, and available for immediate use or customization.


Rick Meyer

Co-Founder, Creative Director

Rumble partner Rick Meyer has been involved in the Minneapolis music community in one way or another for the last 30 years. He’s played every club from here to New York, and has slept on pretty much every crappy motel bed along the way. His long hours in band vans and endless nights in studios give him a unique, slightly blurry perspective on the music business.

Rick has composed an estimated 1000+ commercials over his 20+ year post production music career, and has been responsible for the soundtracks to dozens of iconic ad campaigns for the likes of Target, BMW, Budweiser, Chevrolet, Macy’s, ABC TV, Porsche, Sesame Street, and many more. In the past few years, Rick has composed and produced a dozen albums, including one self-proclaimed to be the best record to listen to while you try to sleep on a 14 hour flight to Sydney.

Rick spends his free time traveling the world and driving fast.

Jess Ford

Co-Founder, Executive Producer

Jess has wasted his entire adult life working in and around the music and entertainment biz.

Born a Minneapolitan he was educated and hardened by life on the east coast playing in bands and working countless nights in the legendary discos, live music, and comedy clubs of New York and Boston. Eventually he dragged his experience, his common sense, and his surly demeanor back to his birthplace to make new friends and influence people.

Jess can talk the talk but will always veer into irreverence to prove his point. He can walk the walk but prefers riding a bike. He values humor, honesty, humility, and coaching youth sports. Working at Rumble with incredibly talented people creating new things is his dream come true, sad as that might seem.